No Mileage Limitation Unique Rental Program For Uber and Bolt Drivers

The rise of the gig economy has opened up opportunities for entrepreneurs to make a flexible living. Chief among these opportunities is the ride-hailing industry, led by popular platforms such as Uber and Bolt. A key ingredient to success in this sector is having a reliable vehicle. At East Point Rentals, we offer a superior solution to your ride-hailing needs with our unique Uber and Bolt car rentals program that features no mileage limits.

The Edge of Unlimited Mileage

When you choose our Uber car rental or Bolt car rental, you’re not just getting a vehicle; you’re getting the freedom to drive as far as your ambition takes you. Traditional car leases impose mileage limits, charging hefty fees if you exceed the given range. This model is unsuitable for ride-hailing drivers who often clock up high mileage daily.
But we think differently. Our Uber and Bolt car rentals come with no mileage restrictions, meaning you can drive as much as you need without the fear of unexpected fees. Whether you’re driving passengers around the city or making long-distance trips, our rental program allows you to maximise your earning potential.
Long-term car rentals may seem like a good idea at first. You get a car for a long time, often for less money than renting-to-buy. But there’s a big problem: the mileage limit. Many long-term uber rentals allow only around 2000 km per month. Drive more than this, and you have to pay extra. The cost can be from R1 to R3 for each extra km. This makes the total cost of your rental much higher than you expected.These limits also take away the freedom of having a rental car. You have to keep checking how far you’ve driven to avoid paying more. This is tough for people who use their car to make income, like ride-hail drivers.

So, while long-term rentals may look like a bargain, these mileage limits can turn a good deal into a money trap. Instead of giving you freedom, they limit how much you can use the car you’re paying for.

Rent-to-Own: A Path to Vehicle Ownership

With our rent to own cars for Uber and Taxify program, you’re not only driving; you’re investing in your future. Traditional rentals end with nothing to show for your money, but our program is different. After a period of consistent payments, drivers can own their vehicle for a nominal fee. Every trip you make brings you one step closer to vehicle ownership, adding a layer of financial security to your gig economy career.

Quality and Service Unmatched

Beyond the financial benefits and limitless mileage, East Point Rentals prides itself on the quality of its vehicles and customer service. Our rental fleet is made up of late-model, low-mileage vehicles that have passed rigorous pre-screening and quality checks. This ensures a smooth, worry-free driving experience for our clients. Our comprehensive rental agreement also includes tracker, roadside assistance, and comprehensive insurance.

Getting Started

Embarking on your ride-hailing journey with East Point Rentals is simple. Our process has been designed with convenience in mind. Whether you’re looking for a Bolt car to rent or you’re an Uber driver in need of a vehicle, our affordable deposit and fixed weekly rentals will get you on the road in no time.
You’re not just renting a car; you’re starting a business venture. And every business needs a partner they can rely on. With East Point Rentals, you’re partnering with a team that’s committed to your success. We believe in empowering entrepreneurs, and our rental program is designed to put you in the driver’s seat of your own future.

In Conclusion

Our no-mileage-limit rental program empowers Uber and Bolt drivers to maximize their earning potential without worrying about additional costs or restrictions. And with our rent-to-own scheme, every mile you drive is an investment towards owning your vehicle.

Ready to start your journey with East Point Rentals? Contact us today to learn more about our unique rental program and how we can empower you to succeed in the ride-hailing industry. At East Point Rentals, we believe in going the extra mile for our drivers – without charging them for it! It’s the smart way to get on the road and start boosting your income today.

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