Rent to own a motorbike

Delivery driver? Need a bike? Rent to own with East Point Rentals

With all inclusive and unchanging rentals, our rent to buy programme is a game changer for riders on delivery platforms across South Africa, providing a flexible and affordable way to acquire a motorbike without the hefty cost and inconvenience of purchasing one in the conventional way.

Rent to buy a brand new
Honda Ace in only 24 months

We give Uber Eats, Takealot, Mr. D drivers as well as drivers on platforms such as Checkers 60/60, Pick n Pay and others the opportunity to join the delivery industry with minimal financial barriers, regardless of your credit profile. Since you can earn an income through your delivery business, you will now have the opportunity to own the bike within the short space of 24 months.

In order to qualify, you must:

*Actual motorcycle colours may vary

How does it work?

You will pay an all-inclusive, fixed and unchanging weekly rental fee

Starting from
R590 p/w
Rental Period
24 months
Deposit required
Nominal purchase

Our rental amounts include your rental payment in addition to free accident and theft cover. Because our rentals are not linked to interest rates and we have no mileage limitations, your rental will remain fixed for the entire rental term. You will have the opportunity to settle your motorbike at any time before the 24th month or buy the motorbike from us for R500 at the end of the term.

Whilst renters are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the vehicle, we will ensure that on release of the motorbike, that it has been thoroughly checked so that you can embark on your entrepreneurial journey with confidence.

We provide a 2 year unlimited mileage warranty.

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Our team at East Point Rentals is ready to help you get on the road in no time. If you meet the qualifying criteria for the programme, call 011 826 6262 or submit your details below and we will call you back!