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All inclusive and unchanging rentals with no mileage limitations! Rental payments include vehicle tracker, roadside assistance, Mechanical Breakdown Cover as well as accident and Theft Cover.

Who we are

A division of the M7 Group

A division within the M7 Group, East Point Rentals was born as a result of the group’s commitment to product innovation and service excellence in the motor industry. East Point Rentals endeavours to deliver superior customer service nationwide, in line with the M7 Group’s principle-driven ethics.

We offer deals tailored Uber, Bolt, Uber Eats, Mr D, Takealot, Didi and other driver platforms!

What we do

Tailored Deals

We offer deals tailored specially for the Uber, Bolt, Uber Eats, Mr D, Takealot driver platforms. We offer a complete superior solution with unchanging, all-inclusive weekly rentals to meet your e-hailing motoring needs.


East Point Rentals provides Uber, Bolt, Uber Eats, Mr D, Takealot and Didi drivers, as well as spirited entrepreneurs, with pre approved and quality checked vehicles with a full-service history.

All-inclusive monthly rentals

Credit challenges? Own a car in 54 months with fixed monthly payments

Do you have no credit history? Are you blacklisted? With East Point Rentals, your credit profile won’t get in the way of you getting a late-model, quality tested vehicle in no time. All you need to do is meet the low minimum approval criteria.

All-inclusive weekly rentals

Delivery driver? Own a vehicle in 36 months

East Point Rentals offers the lowest rental schemes and the shortest rent to buy term in South Africa. Are you a delivery driver or an entrepreneur? Our expert team can get you behind the wheel in no time. Enquire now to get started!

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