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SA’s no. 1 rent to buy solution, East Point Rentals is excited to announce the formal countrywide launch of its game-changing initiative for prospective buyers, dealers and field sales consultants.


With the consent of your client and in compliance with the POPI Act, refer an application to us, and on delivery, we will reward you with a referral fee of R2500 per vehicle Deal or R500 per motorcycle Deal for every successful referral

East Point Rentals offers prospective clients,  an innovative, exciting, and viable option to conventional finance. Having seated thousands of clients behind the wheel of a late model, low mileage car or bakkie, East Point Rentals is ready to partner you to serve and ensure that you profit from your interaction with each and every client. Any individual with a minimum gross of R15000 or an active business with a healthy turnover qualifies!

For Dealers and field sales consultants, this customer-centric approach reduces the likelihood of a lost income opportunity. It costs time and money to get a client onto your floor and with the requisite respect for information privacy protocols, there is absolutely no reason why this partnership shouldn’t seamlessly transition into your next exciting profit centre. 


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