Rent to buy a vehicle

Why you should rent to buy a vehicle with East Point Rentals

Facing roadblocks in securing bank financing? Avoiding the burden of a substantial loan for your car or bakkie? Your solution is here. We present an aternative option to traditional vehicle financing. A rent to buy option appeals to customers facing credit challenges and those seeking a simpler, more direct alternative to conventional vehicle financing.

You can acquire a vehicle
through us even if...

What are the benefits?

Who can apply?

Meet the following criteria to qualify:

Earn a minimum salary of R15,000 or be self-employed with a minimum average turnover of R60,000 per month

Have the funds to pay a deposit starting from R10000 depending on the vehicle you have chosen

You have a valid South African drivers license

With East Point Rentals, your credit profile won’t get in the way of you getting a late-model, quality tested vehicle in no time. All you need to do is meet the minimum criteria above in order to qualify.