Which Uber Rental Is Right For You

Choosing the right Uber and Bolt rental is dependent on different factors among them is cost, driving needs, and personal preferences. Several companies offer rent-to-own cars for Uber and Taxify. East Point Rentals stands out for their unbeatable service and value for money. Before choosing a car rental one must consider a host of factors. Uber rentals cut the cost of buying a new car where you have to pay a large amount immediately. The option of renting a car for Uber or Taxify, relieves the e-hailing drivers of the burden and stress of looking for capital to purchase a car. Here are the most important areas to think about when deciding on which car is best for an Uber or Bolt car rental.


Different Uber and Bolt car rentals come at various price points. You need to work with the amount you are able to spend on renting a car and the anticipated earnings from the same. The risk-to-reward ratio should make sense and getting off the ground to start to earn income shouldn’t be delayed.

Vehicle Types

Consider the vehicle type you want as well as what the area you are working in wants. Choose an Uber car rental that has a variety of car types from compact cars and sedans as these are usually the most affordable vehicle type to start your e-hailing career. Each car type has a different target customer, so consider the locations you will mostly be working in. One must keep in mind the target customers before choosing the right Uber or Bolt car to rent. The options available to you at East Point Rentals make it easy to choose the best cars for e-hailing and the best motorbikes for delivery.

Mileage limits

Uber car rentals have mileage limits where you are limited to a certain distance past which you are charged mileage fees. Some Uber rentals don’t impose mileage limitations on their cars. It is important to choose a car that has no mileage limitations if you prefer travelling long distances. East Point Rentals gives e-hailing drivers peace of mind knowing that they are not limited and there will be no fees charged in case of any long drive they get. 

Rental period

Some Bolt and Uber rentals are suitable for short-term renting while others are more flexible for long-term renting. Some Uber car rentals offer discounts and commissions for long-term rentals on their cars for Uber or Taxify. 

Regarding maintenance and insurance, some car rentals incorporate maintenance costs and insurance in the rental fee while others put it on the Uber driver renting the car. It is important to consider this factor before choosing your Uber or Bolt rental. You don’t want to rent a car at a high price and later on, discover all the maintenance and insurance costs are too costly. To maximise your profits, this is where background research comes in before deciding the best Uber or Bolt rental.

Your needs

The customer is always the boss when it comes to any business. Make sure the rental you go for meets your driving requirements, the car models offered should be user-friendly to you and the customers you are intending to serve. Some car rentals offer cars with cruise control and power windows, if that’s your preference go for that. You are the boss. Some rental options might come with additional features such as GPS, advanced safety features, or amenities that can enhance your driving experience. 

Driver Experience

Put into consideration your driving experience. If you are more comfortable with small cars, go for a rental that offers what you are comfortable driving and gives a wide range for you to choose from.


Depending on your location, different rent-to-own cars for Uber and Taxify options may be more available than others. Do your research and see which one is available in South Africa and if it’s cost-friendly to you and meets your needs.

Fuel efficiency

The aim is to cut the cost of your Uber or Bolt car rental and maximise your earnings. It is therefore also worth considering the fuel efficiency of the Bolt car you rent so it does not empty all your profits on filling up.


In a nutshell, before deciding on the best Uber and Bolt car rental for you, it is important to consider your budget, insurance and maintenance fees, availability, fuel efficiency, mileage limits and fees, your specific needs, the rental period as well as the vehicle types offered by the Uber and Bolt car rental. The aim is to get a ride within your budget and with no mileage limits and insured risks thus giving you peace of mind. Contact East Point Rentals to get the best bang for your buck with no mileage limit Uber rentals.

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